Focus on the Game. Not on fees.

Sports Registration Cancellation Insurance allows amateur athletes and their families to focus on the game - not on forgone registration fees if they miss a portion or all of a season due to illness or injury.

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Get Reimbursed for Non-Refundable Registration fees.

Sports Registration Cancellation Insurance provides reimbursement of non-refundable registration fees if a season needs to be cancelled due to a covered reason. The program also provides Interruption Coverage if a participant is unable to participate for 30 consecutive days during the coverage period due to one of the covered reasons listed below:

  • The insured participant, which is so disabling, that a physician recommends cancellation of their registration / membership.
  • The insured participant, when a physician recommends they do not participate in their sport for 30 consecutive days or
  • An immediate family member, resulting in the insured participant being unable to participate in your sport for 30 consecutive days. The immediate family member must be dependent on the participant for support or the participant must be dependent on them.

For both Cancellation and Interruption, we will reimburse the participant for the prorated, unused portion of non-refundable membership fees for which no credits or refunds were issued. The total amount paid will not exceed $10,000.00

Start to Finish. You're covered.

The start date is the date on which the individual enrolls to participate in a sport. The insurance ends once the membership is cancelled or 30 days before the end of the regular sports season.